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Welcome to A World of Novels! I’m Meg (she/her) and this is a place where I review books from both my personal project of reading one novel from every country in the world, as well as other books that find their way into my hands.

You can find the reviews on The Reviews page, where they are organized by continent. You can find reviews from other books I’ve read on the Meg Reads page. I am also a huge fan and supporter of Read for the Cure, an annual event that brings together a love for reading, wonderful authors, great books, and cancer research in a literary event that should not be missed. You can find my reviews for books from those events on the Read for the Cure page.

If you are looking for an alphabetized list of all of the books I’ve reviewed, you can find them on the Books from A-Z page, where they are listed by author’s last name.

Thanks for visiting, and please let me know what you think.

Reading the World

I began reading a novel from every country in the world as a personal project inspired by Ann Morgan’s journey of doing the same (except her project wasn’t devoted to fiction specifically). By doing this, I do not purport to suddenly be an expert on this country, its history and customs. What this project does for me, is open my eyes to new ways of storytelling, to new authors I may not have discovered otherwise and to new experiences. Beginning this journey has been eye-opening as I have realized how little world literature I have been exposed to here in North America, and I look forward to the lasting legacy that this project will have for me.